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Elisa Hitchcock


Elisa Hitchcock, Sales & Events Director. Elisa has worked in a variety of employments, ranging from 'real theatre' to log cabin building to vocational counselor, all the while continuing to 'dabble' in theatre, including community theatre, professional theatre, and for the last 25 years, murder mystery dinner theatre with Kim. With a bachelor's degree in Theatre, directing and editing are her strengths, with a great love of Improv, from where our Improv-Ability® games were born. "Our mysteries and games combine my love of creativity and imagination, and allow me to keep my mind always working." 

Kimberley Gray


Kimberley Gray, Marketing & Artistic Director. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Public Communications, Kimberley found a job as an Events Coordinator for a local trade association. She has been writing and performing Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre with her partners for the past 25 years. Performances have included major event openings, fundraisers on trains, collaborations with local media, & private parties. She began writing plays as a child and enjoys the art of building characters. Her favorite part of each show is the Improv, which is so important to their business, and is the backbone of the Improv-Ability Games. "What a joy to be someone else for just awhile," she says, "to let the laughter flow." 

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