We can provide whodunit dinner theatre interactive murder mysteries at local restaurants, hotels, on trains, and numerous other venues for special events, overnight shows, in Alaska and nationwide.   These are great for corporate retreats, company parties, or for non-profit or community events. You can choose from our own specially written shows or suggest your own theme or plot.  The atmosphere that is created by everyone working together within a theme allows creative, fun and exciting interaction for all participants. 

Consultation is free, and requires all parties select goals, outline number of people attending, location and dates of event.  If after consultation we agree to work together, the event and date is held with a retainer and a contract.

If you would like to consider a mystery at your next event, be it a party, fundraiser, or conference, please contact us for pricing, availability and information on show themes.

If you would like to offer a workshop or murder mystery as a fundraiser, give us a call and let's talk about how we can work together to raise funds for your non-profit organization.

Here are some of the story themes available from OutCast!® Productions. Each of these stories can be presented in a conference room, hotel dining room, restaurant, on a train, in a coffee shop or many other special venues. Please note there are outlines that are very good for overnight/weekend events, and that information is listed below. Most of these stories can be presented to audiences that range from 50 to 200 guests. If your event has an audience larger than 200 people, then we can discuss options and story lines with you to determine the best show for your circumstance. In addition, if you would like a special, personally themed storyline, please contact us with your ideas. Let’s work together to make your event a great success!

When Our History is a Mystery – Alaska in the 1920’s was a strange and rugged place. Come with us as we celebrate the completion of the menacing Hurricane Gulch Bridge with many of Alaska’s most colorful characters of the time. Follow along as Inspector Digby investigates the death of one passenger and the danger it holds for all the other guests.

Mysterious Tales of the Iditarod – Mushers, reporters, and fans alike are joining together to celebrate the start of the World Famous Alaska Iditarod dog sled race. Come along and meet racers, a trail vet, a woman who talks to the animals, and an odd Englishman who has his own plans for the future of the Iditarod. Join in on the party adventure that’s sure to send icy chills up your spine as you uncover secrets and scandals about the unusual characters of our Iditarod tale.

A Death at Hornwinkle’s – When the flamboyant Lila Hornwinkle throws a holiday bash, guests would kill to be invited. Come along as we celebrate with the rich and powerful, an evening of deadly delight. Join Inspector Digby as he uncovers the clues to learn of the secret which could prove to be more costly than Lila’s guests ever imagined.

Authors to Die For – When you gather together authors, agents and editors out to promote their newest “how to” books, clues, red herrings and gardening aren’t the only subjects these bookworms will discuss. Come along and learn just how far these literary giants will go to see their names in print.

Science Most Deadly – The grand opening gala of the new research facility has brought in experts and guests from around the country, but someone is not as they appear. Join us in welcoming noted scientists, as well as staff members and other special guests, at this remarkable event. What clues will help Inspector Morgana Slade discover the killer in your midst?

The Death of Sunday Blues – Join in at a party to celebrate the life of beloved Carleton and Effie Swain, recently deceased in a freak railway accident, and who had poured their hearts, souls and money into a Broadway style production which ended mysteriously 14 years ago with the tragic death of Miss Cathleen “Sunday” Blues. Join past cast and crewmembers as we reminisce about the joys and tragedies of working on the extravagant production, “Showcase to Stardom”, and discover that the perils of life on a cursed stage are never forgotten.

With Just a Hint of Lilac – The St. Ives Estate is the haunting setting for this mystery set deep in the heart of Alaska. Join the St. Ives’ family as they celebrate with your party the fundraising event that will save the Lilac bushes that grow on the estate. Match wits with Inspector Digby as he investigates the strange death of one guest and seeks your help to solve the mystery behind the St. Ives’ Curse.

Grave Mistake – When influential businessman William Kensington passed away, friends and family are dying to be named in the will. Join us at the reading of Mr. Kensington’s will, and a silent auction to sell off some of the estate treasures, where we’ll meet his estranged son, a grieving assistant and other suspicious characters for an event that will prove that underestimating the power that was Kensington could be “a grave mistake.” This story works well as an overnight mystery event.