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Improv-Ability® Pocket Edition

An Improvisational Card Game


While Improv-Ability Pocket Edition and Pocket Edition, Spanish version are a great way to improve your listening skills, build confidence, and work together as a team, it's also just darn fun, for ages 7 to 107! Whether you're "A government official denying aliens exist - while waiting for a medical exam on an alien space ship", or want to drive sled dogs on the Iditarod trail, be a baseball player or be up a tree, this game allows you to be someone else and someWHERE else for a while.  Game play is limited only by the imagination of the players.  Watch your male co-worker become a pregnant women stuck in an elevator when “her” water breaks, or enjoy her creativity as your mom becomes a heavy equipment operator for an underwater mall construction site.  There are 50 plot scenes, with 4 characters for each plot. Hours of fun can be found in a card deck of plots, characters and creative ideas, all for $9.95. 

Improv-Ability® Pocket Edition