Using improvisation, OutCast!® explores the wild world of Assumptions in the workplace, at home, in many settings, and helps groups and individuals examine their own assumptions. Through group interaction, they are shown how to recognize and determine which assumptions are hurting the company and which ones (very few, and used in moderation) can be helpful. Keep in mind: most of our assumptions are NOT on the mark…

Be careful! Your Assumptions are showing!


This workshop teaches the process of cooperation, networking and group communications and is approximately 1 to 2 hours long, for groups of 8-100 people.

We will demonstrate and discuss how we cooperate while attending networking events, the benefits of collaborations, and how to implement collaborative efforts for a higher level of success in business and in personal life.



This workshop is approximately 1-2 hours long,
for groups of 5-20 people.

We will teach people employed in office or customer service positions how listen to one another, communicate more effectively and more positively, lessen assumptions, begin to relax and work together. It incorporates a series of exercises, games and our Improv-Ability Pocket Edition card game.


This workshop is between 2 and 4 hours long,
for groups of 20-50 people.

Difficulty relating to coworkers, bosses or employees? Has communication or lack of it become a source of frustration or stress? We will provide tools, tips and perspective on how to look at and solve workplace communication issues. We will review different personality types, teach team working skills, to increase interaction and communication, and observation skills, so that you can understand and deal with the information that is in front of us, with the words we use, as well as the underlying information that body language, tone of voice and personal experience provided to us in conversation. Attendees will learn how to interact and react to one another by LISTENING, speaking carefully, focusing on the event of the moment. In addition, we will show you how games and play, even playfulness are very good for a work setting, good for putting creativity to work.